Cinder Design Co.

PrattMWP Summer Program 2016

Listed below are your homework assignments and article links. These will be updated at the end of each class.


Homework - Tuesday 7/12/2016

  • Download the presentation slides here.
  • Make sure your cropped letters, and the psd. file of your name are in your google drive for safe keeping. We'll be printing them tomorrow morning and reviewing them as a class.
  • If you'd like to read more about different type styles, check out this website. They have tons of information.
  • Read this article to give you an idea of what we'll be going over tomorrow. Take notes, make observations, and come to class thoughts or questions. We'll be having a short class discussion about it.

Homework - Wednesday 7/13/2016


  • Work on your project over the weekend. It's due at the beginning of class on Monday. If you run into any problems over the weekend or want feedback, feel free to email me!
  • Need inspiration? Here are some great typographic quotes.
  • Research your designer and write a paragraph or two about them, what you like about their work, OR if you aren't interested in their work, explain why. How did their work influence your quote design? On Monday, be ready to share what you write during the critique. 
  • If you need help printing, remember that you need to log into paper cut, and select the correct printer. I left instructions on your assignment handout.
  • If you want some more tips on the type tool, check out this article. They have a few keyboard shortcuts you'll want to try out. If you you need a little reminder on how to use the type tools,  check out this youtube tutorial. If you're feeling adventurous, experiment with the other illustrator tools and look at other tutorials online. 


  • Continue working on your sketches for Assignment 3. If you're already on the computer, continue building your drop cap in illustrator. If you want me to look at a sketch and give feedback, feel free to email me a picture or scan anytime.
  • One change to the assignment: You can now choose any 2 colors you want. It doesn't have to be black and another color.
  • If you need inspiration, check out Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap project. She's a very popular letterer, check out her work when you get a chance.
  • If you want to go a more minimalist route, try using negative space somehow. This link has a few examples & is also a good place for eye candy.

Project UpdateS & our last week - 7/27/2016

  • Assignment 4 is now due at the end of class on Monday 8/1.
  • Thursday (7/28) near the end of class we'll have a critique so you'll have feedback and time to make adjustments over the weekend.
  • We'll no longer be doing Assignment 5 so you can put more time and energy into your typographic images/portraits.
  • Wednesday's class (8/3) you'll be able to make changes to all your Assignments and get them ready for Friday's show.
  • During our last class on Thursday (8/4) you'll have some time to make any last changes, print, and mount your work.